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October 31, 2023 Programming Tools

Binding Luau (aka Roblox Lua) into C#

First Impressions of Disney's Lorcana TCG
September 15, 2023 Card Games Design

Thoughts and impressions after a few rounds of playing Lorcana

Cantata Released!
August 15, 2023 Game Developnebt

Our ambitious Grand Tactics game is finally here!

Cultivating A Space For The Doing
May 16, 2023 Art Practice

An average Tuesday begets strangely connected threads

Breaking the Cycle - The Potential of Creative AI in Game Development
April 26, 2023 Game Development AI Art GPT

Game development is in crisis. Can creative AI tooling save it?

Simple Echo Example for Discord.Net Bot
March 17, 2023 Tools Discord

Quick fix on getting a Discord bot to echo in Discord.Net

Low-Level Interop and Memory Management in C# for Allocation-free P/Invoke Code
March 13, 2023 c# programming pinvoke

An introduction to low-level C# and figuring out if any idiomatic patterns exist for working with native memory.

FMOD Crashing with Programmer sound callback is not set for instrument error
March 1, 2023 Programming C# FMOD

Debugging some FMOD interop stuff

Discovering Dotnet-Script
February 26, 2023 Programming C#

Running C# inside C# with dotnet-script

Heisenfunctions, Incremental Determinism, and The Future of Programming
January 8, 2023 Programming GPT Architecture

Exploring what it could mean to program with GPT from the very start