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Introducing Mood.site
March 11, 2024 Products Programming Mood

Leveraging Spite-Driven Development to make a zero friction image sharing site

Building a Web Framework with C# records, Tailwind and HTMX (and no JS)
February 9, 2024 C# occultism webdev maybe-bad-ideas

Goblin-mode-ing C#'s type system and record syntax to render a webpage

Handing Collisions the ECS Way
February 2, 2024 ECS Dinghy Architecture

Breaking old habits and trying to form new ones

Fixing Discourse Restore dump.sql.gz Errors For Mismatched tar/gz files
January 24, 2024 Discourse

Zipping your tars or tar-ing your zips?

So You Wanna Package Some Native Libs Into A NuGet Package
January 21, 2024 Dotnet Occultism NuGet

Into the depths of csproj and NuGet package management

October 31, 2023 Programming Tools

Binding Luau (aka Roblox Lua) into C#

First Impressions of Disney's Lorcana TCG
September 15, 2023 Card Games Design

Thoughts and impressions after a few rounds of playing Lorcana

Cantata Released!
August 15, 2023 Game Developnebt

Our ambitious Grand Tactics game is finally here!

Cultivating A Space For The Doing
May 16, 2023 Art Practice

An average Tuesday begets strangely connected threads

Breaking the Cycle - The Potential of Creative AI in Game Development
April 26, 2023 Game Development AI Art GPT

Game development is in crisis. Can creative AI tooling save it?