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Heisenfunctions, Incremental Determinism, and The Future of Programming
January 8, 2023 Programming GPT Architecture

Exploring what it could mean to program with GPT from the very start

AI Won't Take Gamedev
November 17, 2022 Writing AI Art

Game development is already commoditized.

Talking To Machines, Or "Serendipitous Prompting for AI Image Generators"
October 24, 2022 Midjourney AI Art

Talking about how Midjourney has changed how I approach creative work.

Finding answers to difficult questions
October 20, 2022 People Building

Exploring what to do when you're trying to find answers to hard technical problems on the internet, and all the usual options aren't working.

Nostalgia and the Triforce% Run
September 28, 2022 Writing

Musing on speedrunning's relationship to games and the production of "new" nostalgias

Midjourney Changed My Mind on AI-Generated Art
June 24, 2022 Writing Tools AI Art Midjourney

Experimenting with Midjourney to create concept art

Game Design Mimetics (Or, What Happened To Game Design?)
June 9, 2022 Writing

Exploring recent trends in game design to try and figure out why everything is Fine and why that's terrible.

New Laptop Whomst This?
April 3, 2022 Tools

Configuring a new Macbook Pro for 2022 for game development + video editing

Reflecting on using 2D in Unity in 2021/2022
February 16, 2022 Unity Game Development C#

Reflecting on using Unity for a large scale 2D project

I Guess I'm Making A Game Engine...
February 25, 2021 Games Tools

Towards a fresh, new way of making games in C# and Dotnet